What we do

Specialist literacy and numeracy tutoring for 5-15 year olds using evidence-based programs recommended by the Dyslexia-SPELD Foundation (WA).

We are dedicated ensuring the individual literacy and/or numeracy needs of each student are met through private 1 to 1 tutoring or micro groups by arrangement. Enquire here or call 0437 515 616.

Closing The Gap

Keeping up with peers is vital for maintaining students’ self confidence. We help close the gap between where students are in their learning and where they want to be.

Unstuck & On Their Way

We help students who have become ‘stuck’ in their learning to reconnect with a growth mindset so they can move forward and start to learn again without fear of failure.

Learning Difficulties

Are you concerned about the progress of your child’s learning? We can probably help. Let’s discuss your concerns and determine if an independent assessment is required.

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